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A message from Our Committee 


Following its incorporation, Trumbull became one of Connecticut’s most desired communities. It did so because it developed a true sense of community, steadily invested in its infrastructure, developed and supported an outstanding school system, respected our natural resources and involved its citizens in their own governance. Trumbull culture was welcoming, friendly, and well managed. While Trumbull evolved with the times, it did so without violating these founding principles. It truly became a “Community of Choice”.  

In recent years, Trumbull has changed. The Town Government has become political and polarized, those partisan politics have begun impacting neighbors and their sense of shared community. The school system has lost some of its hard earned reputation. Infrastructure needs have not been met. Development has not been consistently well managed. Town Government’s partisan and insular actions have eroded the true sense of shared community.  

Trumbull Republicans are committed to revitalizing Trumbull to a true “Community of Choice”. Government will be open to all, based on common sense principals, Republicans believe leadership should be open and transparent. Our schools will be restored to their historic place of excellence. Key infrastructure investments will take priority over non-essential spending. Our wonderful natural resources will be treasured. Residents will be respected, engaged and responsible for our collective future; as neighbors Moving Forward Together.

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