In 2020, Trumbull residents approved a charter revision to increase voting districts from four to seven. The new districts will be used for the first time on November 2, 2021. Please use the resources below to check your registration status, polling location, and to determine if you need an absentee ballot for election day.


There are two ways to check your registration status:

1. Use the CT Secretary of State's Voter Registration Lookup Tool

2. Call or visit the Trumbull Registrar of Voters: (203) 452-5058



There are three ways to register to vote:

1. Use the CT Secretary of State's Online Voter Registration System

2. Print, fill out, and mail or hand deliver a Voter Registration Form (Spanish)

3. Visit the Trumbull Registrar of Voters, Elections Administration, 5866 Main Street

MOVED OR CHANGED ADDRESS? Be sure to fill out and submit the Voter Registration Form

IMPORTANT DEADLINES: If you are a new voter wishing to vote in the primary, your application must be postmarked or received by the Registrar of Voters by the fifth day before the primary.

If you are a new voter wishing to vote in the election, your application must be postmarked or received by the Registrar of Voters by the seventh day before the primary.

Election Day Registration (EDR): If you are unable to register by the deadlines above, you may be eligible to register and vote in person on election day. EDR is not available at your polling location. You must visit the Town's designated EDR location. Please visit the Secretary of State's EDR Webpage to learn more.



You may be eligible to vote by absentee ballot if:

1. you are an active member of the military

2. you will be out of town during all hours of voting

3. you have an illness preventing you from voting in person

4. you have religious beliefs that prevent you from voting on election day

5. you are an election official and will be carrying out duties during all hours of voting

6. you have a physical disability that prevents you from voting in person

If any of the above applies, please visit the Trumbull Elections Division or the Secretary of State's Absentee Ballots and Absentee Voter Information webpage.



Trumbull now has seven voting districts. You may vote at a different location than in 2020.

To determine your voting location, use the Secretary of State's Polling Place Locator or contact the Elections Division by calling (203) 452-5058.

Voter may also use the Trumbull Voting District Map to locate their address and district:

District 1: Daniels Farm School, 710 Daniels Farm Road

District 2: Booth Hill School, 545 Booth Hill Road

District 3: Tashua School, 401 stonehouse Road

District 4: Jane Ryan School,190 Park Lane

District 5: Middlebrook School, 220 Middlebrooks Avenue

District 6: Madison Middle School, 4630 Madison Avenue

District 7: Christian Heritage School, 575 White Plains Road

Still having trouble? Contact the Trumbull GOP for help determining your polling location.