Why Doug Sutherland is wrong, very wrong for Trumbull

To all –

We believe that when your opponent makes a negative attack against you, the best strategy is to ignore it and stick to the positive aspects of your campaign. As elected officials, we understand our voting records are fair game and if you choose to run a low brow campaign, our personality and appearance can be used in a negative way. As seasoned people involved in politics, we understand this reality. We may not agree with it or choose to run our campaigns in that manner, but we accept the stark reality that Democrats will stop at nothing to get elected.

This week, Douglas Sutherland, a Democratic Candidate for State Representative for the 123rd District reached a new low. His direct mail piece was full of lies, but what was the most disgusting thing about the mailer was he questioned the integrity and reputation of a private citizen that is not connected to the campaign in any manner. Mr. Sutherland crossed the line.

Our State Representative, David Rutligliano, has decided to fight back against these attacks. Below and attached is a letter from David regarding this mailer. Read the letter, please get mad, and help us get out the vote and ensure that Mr. Sutherland loses and loses big.


We are calling today from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, calling Trumbull Voters who voted in 2012 but not 2010. We will be calling tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We are at Trumbull HQ on Main Street. Candidates are out walking today and tomorrow – please join them.

As always, thanks for your support.

Paul S. Lavoie
Trumbull RTC

Rep. David Rutigliano
Trumbull, CT
October, 24 2014

Dear Friends,


In politics, it is said you should ignore negative attacks. In life, it is not always possible to sit back and ignore an opponent who chooses to be a bully and a lair. Unfortunately, the level of negative attacks has been escalated to the point that I can no longer allow my opponent to hurt my friends and go unchallenged.

This election year, I have done my best to convey what I believe in and what needs to be done to fix our great state. The messages have been positive and focused on the best interests of the residents of Trumbull.

My opponent has chosen a different path. I am unsure where the bitterness and anger comes from, as I have never met Mr. Sutherland.

As your State Representative, my voting record is fair game. If my opponent disagrees with me and he would like to express how he would have handled things differently, more power to him. However, you have to tell the truth and you cannot attack innocent non-elected people.

I’m not sure if Doug Sutherland is blinded by hate or ideology, however he has lied or mislead at every turn. This week’s mailer was particularly troubling; he used a photo of private citizen, without consent, and an improper suggestion about our relationship.

The woman in the picture is my friend. She is also the managing director of the Connecticut Restaurant Association. The photo in the mailer is of a Restaurant Owner at an event with the Managing Director of the Restaurant Association. –Shocker-

Contrary to Mr. Sutherland’s suggestion that a woman needs to be close to me to get something done, Nicole Griffin is smart, hardworking and successful. To suggest that she has accomplished her record of achievement through anything but hard work is an outrageous and sexist claim that Mr. Sutherland should be ashamed of.

He owes Nicole an apology, he owes my wife and apology and he owes every hardworking female an apology. .

Mr. Sutherland’s behavior is reprehensible, the silence from his party leadership is deafening. This is such a perfect example of why people are disgusted with politics.

Here are some facts not mentioned in the Mailer:

Fact: I was NOT the Government Relations Chair of the CT Restaurant Association while holding elected office.

Fact: Minimum wage did NOT come before the General Law Committee.

Fact: The most powerful lobbyist are the public employee unions and their working families party, both have endorsed my opponent

Fact: No self-respecting chef would use that sauté pan.

Remember folks this is Trumbull, it is a small town, and when the campaign is over we all have to live here.

I will pray for Doug, and hope that he finds peace, and does not remain consumed with hate


David Rutigliano
Your State Representative
‪#‎123rd District, Trumbull


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