On to victory in the 22nd Senate Race

Costantini - Press Release - CEP GrantRick has qualified for his CEP grant.  On to victory!



CONTACT: Dan Nelson, Rick For The 22nd EMAIL: dan.nelson.rickforthe22nd@gmail.com DATE: 09/03/2014

Costantini Qualifies for Citizens Election Program Grant

The State Elections Enforcement Commission recently approved Republican candidate for State Senate, Rick Costantini’s application for a public grant from the Citizen’s Election Program (CEP) for the November 4th election in the 22nd Senatorial District. The 22nd Senate District includes the city of Bridgeport and the towns of Monroe and Trumbull. The requirements of the CEP include raising $15,000 in small contributions and a minimum of 300 donors that reside within the municipalities in the district.

“I am extremely delighted with the overwhelming support I have received and I am humbled by the prospect of representing the great people of the 22nd District as their State Senator,” Costantini stated. “As I walk the district and speak with the residents in the 22nd, it’s clear that people are still struggling in the Connecticut economy. Our residents worry everyday about their ability to provide for their families and themselves. At the current pace, it seems as though we will never emerge from the recession that has plagued this State for over five years.”

Rick added, “If we are ever going to live in a prosperous State again, we need to start rebuilding Connecticut. We need to rebuild relationships between parents and children, partners and spouses, employers and employees, and citizens and representatives. We need elected officials who will put the needs of the citizens they serve above all else; someone who will vow to represent every person and household in every block and neighborhood in every town and city. We need a Senator that listens to all the people in the District, and will make decisions based upon the needs of the many. I’m excited to have the opportunity to present my vision of rebuilding Connecticut to the people of the 22nd District and would be honored to serve the communities I have come to call home.”

Rick was born in Bridgeport, raised in both Bridgeport and Monroe and currently resides in Trumbull with his wife Erin. Rick currently serves on the Trumbull Town Council as the Majority Leader.