Board of Finance Sets Mil Rate

At a special meeting on May 15th, the Board of Finance, by a vote of 4-1, set the mil rate at 32.161, or a 2.8% increase in the mil rate.  The budget increase as approved by the Town Council was 2.97%.  The reason why the mil rate is lower is because the Board of Finance approved the use of $600,000 from a special agency account to lower the tax burden.  These monies could be used to reduce the tax burden or be returned to the general fund and used at a later time.   The votes were Hammers, Lavoie, Haberlin and Molgaard in favor, Palo opposed. BOF member Tom Kelly was not in attendance.

Once again, the Trumbull Republicans kept good on our promise to keep taxes manageable while continuing to fund our pensions, invest in education and infrastructure and service our debt.  It was not an easy budget year, but the results clearly match the work put in by the Town Department Heads, Board of Education, First Selectman, Board of Finance and Town Council.  A special thank you to Town Finance Director Maria Pires and her team for another tireless effort and successful budget cycle!