Trumbull Republicans Chairman denounces Democrats latest video

Irresponsible Video exposes our children to serious safety risks

(Trumbull, CT) The Trumbull Republican Chairman Paul S. Lavoie publicly denounces the irresponsible video posted by the Trumbull Democratic Town Committee regarding school redistricting. “With the recent events in Milford, Shelton and Newtown, we need to ensure that our children are protected in a safe school environment. The video from the Trumbull Democrats shows our school grounds, including portable classrooms and broadcasts potential security issues to the general public. Once this information posted on YouTube and Facebook, there is no control over the information. We cannot afford irresponsible people putting our children at potential risk. When you put the safety of our school children at risk, you’ve gone too far.” stated Mr. Lavoie. Tom Kelly having served on the Trumbull Board of Education should realize the seriousness of this video being publicly posted. “I call and urge upon Tom Kelly, Chairman of the Trumbull DTC to immediately remove the video and to formally apologize to the staff and parents of our school age children for this serious indiscretion”, concluded Lavoie.