Board Vacancies

Below is a list of the available positions on some of Trumbull’s volunteer boards and commissions. Interested persons should send a letter or email about their interest and a brief description of why they wish to serve. Applicants must be a Trumbull resident and a registered voter.

Letters of interest may be mailed to:
Recommendations Committee
c/o Dee Chiota
35 Iron Gate Road
Trumbull, CT 06611

Questions and applications may be submitted to Dee Chiota at

Arts Commission – 2 positions available, 5 year term

The Trumbull Arts Commission is involved in promoting the arts in Trumbull as well as being a liaison for disseminating information between the Community and the Arts. The commission presents a series of Sunday afternoon concerts from October through May and sponsors the K-12 Art show and supports the annual Trumbull Arts Festival in September.

Counseling Center – 2 positions available

Trumbull Counseling Center is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Trumbull by providing family counseling for Trumbull residents and their families. Typical counseling goals include family interventions to address childhood attention deficit and behavior issues, parent-child conflicts, adolescent concerns, juvenile court referrals, domestic violence, divorce issues, and individual or family psychotherapy.

Economic Development – 1 position available

The Trumbull Economic & Community Development Commission is the Town’s liaison to the commercial-industrial business sector and the strategic safeguard of intelligent and creative economic development in our community. Their mission is to service and strengthen the town’s economic base in a manner consistent with current innovations while maintaining the Town’s historic vision of growth.

Ethics Commission – 1 alternate position available

The Ethics Commission has the power to investigate violations of the Code of Ethics, adopted in 1978, to conduct hearings on alleged violations, and to impose sanctions or otherwise enforce the Code. The Code of Ethics specifies and designates ethical standards of conduct required of all elected and appointed Town officials and all Town employees.

Inland-Wetlands Commission – 1 full and 1 alternate position available

The Inland-Wetlands Commission is a regulatory agency that evaluates the wetlands in Town and acts on any permit requests affecting designated wetlands. Public hearings are conducted on those proposals deemed to be “significant activities.” The commission conducts a field investigation of all properties in question for the purpose of a first-hand observation of the existing wetland or watercourse.

Land Acquisition Committee – 1 position available

The Land Acquisition Commission determines and recommends the feasibility of acquiring land, development rights, and conservation easements. The commission also prioritizes properties for acquisition by the Town of Trumbull and analyzes Town properties as to their present or future use or disposal.

Nature Commission – 2 positions available

The Nature Commission is committed to creating an environment where the community can connect with nature and enjoy cultural art and environmental education through classes, exhibits, nature walks and other exploratory means.

Water Pollution Control Authority – 1 position available, 1 alternate position available

The Water Pollution Control Authority shall have all the powers and duties conferred or imposed by law on Water Pollution Control Authorities.